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St Peter's Quarter Action Group Questionnaire

Welcome to the dedicated St Peter’s Quarter Residents’ webpage. You should by now have received your newsletter from the Action Group Committee advising you of Ingrams’ involvement in the matter and a letter explaining the current status of the group action. As indicated in the letter to you, we now need your help to progress the matter further. We require information about your individual properties and the problems you face. We should therefore be grateful if you would complete a questionnaire we have specifically devised for this purpose. The questionnaire can be either sent to you by post or e-mail if you prefer.

Please advise us of your preference by sending us an email to the following address: spqactiongroup@ingramssolicitors.co.uk

You will receive a response within 10 working days. In anticipation of your assistance, we thank you.

1. Owner's name:
2. Address of the Owner:
3. Telephone number:
4. Email address:
5. Property address:
6. Date/month Owner moved in:
7. State whether the property address is leasehold or freehold:
8. Were you the first buyer from the Developer:
9. If not, who did you buy from:
10. What complaints do you have about your property:
11. Have you informed either the Developer (Wilcon) or Taylor Wimpey of any of these problems:
12. If so, was this in writing? (please attach a copy of all correspondence between you and the person whom you informed):
13. If not, when and who did you contact:
14. Have you informed the NHBC of any of the defects complained of:
15. If so was this in writing (please attach a copy of all correspondence between you and the NHBC):
16. If not, when and who did you contact at the NHBC:
17. Do you have any complaints regarding the development outside of your property? (ie on the development):
18. Have you spent any monies rectifying any defects in your home or outside of your home on the development (please provide invoices and/or bank statements to prove this):
To ensure that we an recover all the costs incurred in pursuing your claim we need to make sure that you are not covered for the legal costs incurred under any other policy or as a benefit of being a member of any trade union or professional body. It is important that you answer these questions accurately.
Do you have motor vehicle insurance cover?
If yes, who are the insurance company and what is your policy number?
Did you buy any extra cover for legal expenses under this policy?
Who are your insurance broker, please provide details of their name, address and contact number?
Do you have household insurance cover?
If yes, who are the insurance company and what is your policy number?
Did you buy any extra cover for legal expenses under this policy?
Are you a member of any trade union or professional body or trade association (ie TGWU, Police Federation or Forum of Small Businesses)?
If yes, please give name, address and membership number
Do you have any Credit Cards? If so, please confirm the name of any Credit card provider
Is cover provided for legal assistance?
I declare the above information to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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